25 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Moms

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, I wanted to put together some gift ideas to celebrate all the outdoorsy moms out there! These are all items that I use to help me get outside on my own or with my kid.

I’ve organized my gift ideas into different pricing groups to hopefully cater to any budget. I’ve listed the prices next to the name, however, prices fluctuate all the time so there’s a chance that the price may be higher (or maybe even lower!) by the time you read this.  

  1. Gifts under $25
  2. Gifts under $50
  3. Gifts under $100
  4. Gifts $100+

Gifts under $25

Kula Cloth – $20

Okay, hear me out… you might be thinking “A reusable pee cloth?!” But trust me when I say this is one of my favorite pieces of outdoor gear. I never hit a trail without my Kula Cloth attached to my pack. It makes going to the bathroom off-trail so easy AND it saves toilet paper! I recommend this to every single woman I know!

Smartwool Socks – $24

Wearing good socks can make or break a hiking experience, and Smartwool socks have never failed me. There are so many good hiking socks out there (I have also used Darn Tough and FITS, both are great options as well), but I always love my Smartwool socks the most.

Swiss Army Knife – $24

You honestly never know what you’ll run into as a mom, so having a Swiss Army knife is always handy. I’ve used mine quite a few times when I’m in a pinch – tweezers for splinters, scissors to open something for my kid, you name it!

Petzl Tikkina Headlamp – $24.95

I always bring a headlamp on hikes just in case something happens and we end up staying out after the sun sets. It’s also a must for when I’m camping. Whether you’re camping solo or with kids, more often than not, you won’t have a free hand to hold a flashlight, so a headlamp will be pretty handy when setting up camp.

Liquid IV – Pink Lemonade – $24.99

As a mom, sometimes we just forget to drink water (or maybe that’s just me) because we’re running around trying to take care of our kids. So having a drink mix that hydrates you a little more than water alone is a lifesaver. Plus when carrying a kid on a hike, those extra electrolytes make a big difference!

Gifts under $50

First Aid Kit – $29.95

I always take a first aid kit with me when I spend time outdoors because you never know what might happen – especially with kids! You’ll be prepared for anything, from something as small as a scraped knee to something as serious as a burn. I always recommend carrying one with you on hikes.

Inflatable Solar Light – $29.95

I have used an older version of this light for years and it has come in handy quite a few times. I’ll grab a little carabiner and hang it from the top of my tent so when it’s dark we can play games or see our way around.

Beeswax Wraps – $30.93

These are an eco-friendly option for plastic wrap and bags! I use my wraps to pack lunches and trail snacks or to cover leftovers at home.

Knockaround Sunglasses – $32

These are my absolute favorite pair of sunglasses! They’ve been through so much and they’re still in great shape. For the price, these are pretty good quality.

Cotopaxi 5-Panel Hat – $35

I have the light blue version of this hat and I wear it ALL the time. It’s one of the best-fitting 5-panel hats I’ve ever owned. Some 5-panels have too much room on top, or the brim flips up, but this one is just right.

Stanley 30oz Tumbler – $35

Okay I have about 1 million water bottles and maybe you do too, but this one is great for stroller walks or days in the car. It doesn’t spill, keeps beverages cold for 12 hours, and has a small base so it can fit in cup holders. It’s an awesome travel water bottle, especially when you’re traveling with kids.

White Stanley insulated water bottle, one of my favorite gift ideas for outdoorsy moms

Portable Charger – $39.95

My phone battery works overtime when I’m on the trail taking pictures and videos and live tracking my hike on a map, so I need to have a portable battery with me so my phone won’t die. This one holds charge super well and you don’t need a cable if you forget one at home.

Water Reservoir – $44

I prefer to use a reservoir when I’m hiking as opposed to a water bottle. Having my water easily accessible helps me stay more hydrated. This specific reservoir is super easy to clean and will fit in pretty much any hiking pack.

Packing Cubes (REI) – $44.95

I’ve used quite a few packing cubes (I’ve tried Cotopaxi and Thule) and these are my favorite! They’re expandable so they can fit a lot of whatever you need to pack, which is a necessity when you’re packing for yourself and kids.

Gifts under $100

Outdoor Blanket – $50

I was gifted this blanket at a baby shower and it’s the best outdoor blanket I own! It packs up neatly with a carrying strap, and it has a waterproof backing that’s easy to wipe off. I’ve used it in our backyard, at the park, and on sand (I’ve used it on park sand, but other reviews have said it’s great for the beach).

Outdoor blanket with green tropical leaves on it. Photo for gift ideas for outdoorsy moms post.

Patagonia Atom Sling Bag – $65

This bag looks small but it can fit so many things. I’ve even fit a 600-page book in mine just for reference! I use this on a regular day out running errands or at the park because I can bring everything that I need and everything my kid needs without my hands being full. 

Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack – $75

This is my go-to hiking backpack when hiking without my kids. I don’t love the big hiking backpacks when I’m solo hiking because I don’t need too many things, so this pack fits everything without being too bulky. 

Stio UPF Hoodie – $89

If you’re not on the UPF hoodie train yet, welcome aboard because these will change your life! I’ve worn this specific hoodie on so many hikes and backpacking trips. It’s super lightweight and will save your skin from UV rays with a UPF 50+ rating. I also own UPF hoodies from REI and Outdoor Research – I love all of them but the fit on this one is by far my favorite. 

REI Backpacking Chair – $99.95

This is definitely a luxury item, but I will always recommend a small chair like this to anyone who loves backpacking. It’s just nice to plop down in a chair that you can lean back in after a long day of backpacking. 

Gifts $100+

Chacos – $105

I’ve been a Chaco girly for 10 years now and I’ll always be a fan. I have a few different pairs, but my first pair is still going strong! I have high arches so these sandals are perfect for me – I will say, if you have a low arch these sandals might not be for you (my friends with low arches or flat feet are not Chaco fans for that reason).

Cotopaxi Fleece – $120

I have quite the fleece collection if I’m honest, and this fleece is by far the best for moms. It’s a half-zip, so you can wear this if you’re breastfeeding! Bonus: Cotopaxi always has cute color options while still being functional.

Jetboil Stove – $129.95

I swear by this stove! It can boil 1 cup of water in under a minute, which is a must if you’re cooking for kids (we all know they can be impatient sometimes). I’ve used my Jetboil on pack rafting, backpacking, and car camping trips. 

Cotopaxi Allpa 35 L Travel Pack – $200

This is my favorite travel bag – it’s designed like a wearable suitcase. When I’m traveling, I’ll pack into this bag instead of a duffle bag because it is so much easier to carry.

Blundstones – $219.95

I’ve had this pair for just over 3 years now. I wear them all the time and they still look brand new! These are definitely an investment, but if you take care of them, they’ll last a long time. You can dress these up or down too, which makes them so versatile for your closet.

Danner Mountain 600 Boots – $219.95

These are the best hiking boots I’ve ever owned! They were comfortable right off the bat and they have such good grip. If you’re carrying your kids on hikes, I recommend getting some hiking boots because they can handle more weight than trail runners can.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! I hope the ideas in this gift guide made it a little easier to find something for the outdoorsy moms in your life. Or, if you’re looking for yourself (hello we’re kindred spirits – that’s what I do!), then let me know in the comments what other outdoorsy items you use and love!

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